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Half-Day Guided Walks from Walk Connemara (up to 4 hours on average)

Our most popular walks are listed first. A range of times are indicated for the walks; the lower end is for fast walking by relatively fit people taking few stops; the upper end is for casual walking by people of average fitness and taking plenty of time to stop on the walk.  Please note that most of these walks - particularly the hillwalks and mountain hikes - are not on "trails".  Most of these involve "off-trail" hiking ("bushwhacking") where there is no obvious path to follow; we will be using sheep tracks and occasionally faint tracks of eroded bog from other hill walkers. Booking is essential for all of the walks; email or call us for details and booking. 

Maumahoge Mountain Lake

Maumahoge Mountain Lake Hike with Walk Connemara

A moderately difficult three-four hour mountain hike in the wild Maumturks range.  Features the spectacular mountain pass corrie lake of Maumahoige, a beautiful stream with waterfall and views of the mountain tops. Strong mountain boots with ankle support are necessary for the rough  "off- trail" terrain of mountain heath, steep open hillside, bog and rock. The distance is about 6km with about 450m of total ascent. Requires good fitness, strong hiking boots with good ankle support and multi-layer outdoor clothes (including jacket, leggings, fleece, hat, gloves- no jeans) along with food, and water. Click here for Required Equipment.

Derryclare Woods

Derryclare Woods

A two to four-hour walk in the special deciduous wood in the Inagh Valley near Recess. Features stunning woodland with deciduous and coniferous trees (many large native oaks), extensive lichens and moss, lakes and great views of the 12 Bens. Distance is about 10km, with only about 150m of climbing. The terrain is a mix of forest track, rough woodland and wet/rocky bogland so strong boots with good ankle support are needed. Also requires outdoor clothing, food and water. 

Derrigimlagh Walk

Derrigimlagh Wild Atlantic Way Signature point

BBC Radio 4 Ramblings with Walk Connemara

An easy three to four-hour flat hike exploring the historic Marconi site and part of the Roundstone Bog complex. The Wild Atlantic Way Signature Point of Derrigimlagh, or Derrygimla, is where the first ever transatlantic telecommunications took place and where Alcock & Brown's first non-stop transatlantic fight landed. The ruins of the Marconi telecommunications complex are located in the midst of the very special Roundstone Bog habit with its unique flora and fauna and multitude of lakes. Terrain includes gravel trails, boardwalks, and wet bogland. 

Paul Phelan brought the BBC Radio 4 Ramblings programme on this walk. You can listen to it online to learn more about this amazing location.

Dogs Bay and Gurteen (Errisbeg) Peninsula

View across the bay from Gurteen Beach which is a Discovery Point on the Wild Atlantic Way

A two to four-hour coastal walk on the spectacular Gurteen/Gorteen peninsula near Roundstone and Ballyconneeley which is a Discovery Point on the Wild Atlantic Way. Features several spectacular beaches with fine sands and dunes, extensive flora (including rare machair, vibrant lichens, along with seasonal heathers, sea holly, primroses and sea pinks), interesting rocks (granites, gabro), and wonderful sea/mountain views. Distance is ~6km with very little climbing. Terrain is mostly grassy and sandy, with some rocks.

Maumeen Mountain Pass

Maumeen Mountain Pass Lake at Maumeen

A two to four-hour hike on an ancient rocky trail to a spectacular mountain pass with significant history of pilgrimage and St. Patrick. Features dramatic mountain landscape, with lakes, bog land and stunning views. The distance is about 4km with about 170m of climbing passing a Children’s Burial Ground. At the pass there are various religious structures including a small chapel, an open mass altar, stations of the cross and holy wells. The terrain is mainly rough stony trail through the bog.  Requires a reasonable level of fitness and walking boots/shoes (preferably waterproof with ankle support), along with food, water and outdoor clothing (also preferably waterproof). Click here for Required Equipment.

Roundstone Bog Wilderness: Lough na bhFaoileann (the lake of the Seagulls)

Walk Connemara Roundstone bog wilderness

A moderate three to four-hour hike around one of the largest and wildest lakes of the spectacular Roundstone Bog complex (Lough na bhFaoileann; the lake of the Seagulls). A very special walk, featuring extensive rare bog habitat, a series of dramatic lakescapes overlooked by Errisbeg Hill and the towering Twelve Bens Mountains. Distance is about 9km with a small amount of gentle climbing. Terrain includes rough wet bogland (including quaking bog), sheep track, long grass and surfaced minor road. Requires strong hiking boots (preferably waterproof) with good ankle support and grip (trail shoes are not sufficient), along with food, water and outdoor layers (waterproof jacket and pants, hat, gloves and extra layers- no jeans). 

Diamond Hill Trail

View from the Diamond Hill trail with Tully Mountain in the distance

A moderate two to four-hour climb to the top of Diamond Hill along the trail in the Connemara National Park. Distance is ~7km with ~500m of total ascent. Features blanket bog, extensive heather, stunning views of the mountains, islands and coastline and the possibility of wildlife. There are some steep sections that require the use of hands. Terrain includes stone steps, trail, and surfaced minor road. Boots and outdoor clothing are preferable along with a reasonable level of fitness. Also, it can be quite windy on top.

Errisbeg Hill Walk

View of the Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point Gurteen and Dog's bay beaches from Errisbeg

A difficult three to five-hour hill walk near Roundstone. Features dramatic rocks, spectacular scenery including mountains, bog and coastline. Distance is about 7km with about 350m of climbing.  Terrain includes steep open hillside, wet bog, sheep track and surfaced minor road.  Requires good fitness and strong hiking boots with good ankle support, along with food, water and outdoor clothing. Works best with a car drop or else returns from the summit along same route; also, it can be extended into a loop including the Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point Gorteen beach and peninsula (in the above picture) which requires a full day and usually takes 5-7 hours. Click here for Required Equipment.

Omey Walk

Omey Island the Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point with Walk Connemara

An easy two to four-hour hike around the beautiful tidal Omey island near Claddaghduff, which is a Discovery Point on the Wild Atlantic Way. Features beautiful sand, dunes, rare grassland, remains of an old church and houses, a holy well and birdlife. Distance is about 8km with some gentle climbing. Terrain includes beach, grass, track and surfaced minor road. This walk includes crossing the intertidal strand to this historic island.  This walk can be done in sandals (and bare feet on the sand and some of the grass if you wish). 

Mannin Bay

Mannin Bay with Walk Connemara

A two to three-hour coastal walk along the Atlantic shoreline south of Clifden. Features beautiful sandy beaches with seashells, shell middens, grassland and stunning seascapes. Distance is about 10km with less than 100m of total ascent. Terrain is a mix of grassland, beach, rocky shore and small road. Requires water, footwear with good grip and outdoor clothing.

Clifden Walking Tour

Boats moored at the Quay, Clifden  View overlooking Clifden from the D'Arcy Monument

An easy two to three-hour walk around the historical town and along the beautiful bay to Clifden Castle.  A flexible tour (customisable to client interests), typically covering the key sights and points of historical interest, including: Railway and Station, Churches, Jail, Bridge; John Darcy (Castle and House); Quay and Boat Club; other local history e.g. John Riley, Marconi, Alcock & Brown.   Distance is about 5km with some gentle climbing. Terrain is mostly surfaced road, with a small amount of open field. 

Leenaun Valley Hike

Leenaun Valley with megalithic tomb in the foregroundA gentle two to three-hour hike in the spectacular Leenane valley at the top of the Killary Fjord. Features  the deserted Leacan village, a beautiful stream, the Loigin megalithic tomb, impressive rock features and stunning mountain scenery. Distance is about 5km, with about 200m of climbing. The terrain is mainly open boggy hillside with small sections of track and sealed roads. Requires strong boots with ankle support, outdoor clothing, water and a reasonable level of fitness. Click here for Required Equipment.

Cong and Clonbur Forest Ramble

Cong river and limestone pavement  Ruined castle near Cong

A two to three-hour forest walk from Cong to Clonbur, through the special forests separating Loughs Corrib and Mask. The walk passes the Cong River, the Pigeon Hole cave, an impressive old castle and spectacular limestone pavement. Watch out for unusual trees and native Irish wildflowers. Walking shoes or boots would suit the terrain of forest tracks and minor surfaced roads. The distance is about 7km and is virtually flat.

Clonbur Woods

Clonbur WoodsA gentle two to three-hour walk in the spectacular Clonbur Woods near Cong. Features stunning woodland with deciduous trees, a beautiful lake and limestone pavement. Distance is about 10km, with only about 100m of climbing. The terrain is a mix of paved road, forest track, grass and some rocky shore so outdoor boots are required. Requires some water and outdoor clothing.

Finny Hill

Finny HillA half-day hill climb with spectacular views of the surrounding lakes (Nafooey, Mask, Corrib) and mountains (Maumtrasna, Joyce Country), interesting rocks and pre-bog Scots Pine stumps. Strong Hiking boots are needed for the terrain of open hillside and minor surfaced roads. The distance is about 8km with a total ascent of 400m which will take about four hours or so. Click here for Required Equipment.

Cashel Hill

Cashel Hill Walk Connemara Hike
A half-day hill climb with spectacular views over the Sea and the 12 Bens. Strong Hiking boots are needed for the terrain of open hillside rough tracks.  Click here for Required Equipment.

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